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5 Questions to Ask Your DJ BEFORE Your Event

Guess What?

You shouldn't have any guesses about your DJ!

Sometimes when people book a DJ for an event, they make assumptions about things such as what exactly the DJ spins, whether they take requests, or even how much they charge... without asking to be 100% sure.

The problem: assumptions can be wrong!

Instead of assuming, ask your DJ these 5 questions to ensure a job well done!


Question 1 - "What type of music do you specialize in, and can you cater to specific requests?"

Knowing the DJ's musical style and how flexible they are with taking requests can help ensure that the music played at the party aligns with your preferences and the atmosphere you want to create.


Question 2 - "Do you have your own equipment, or do you require the use of the venue's equipment?"

This is important to clarify to ensure that the necessary equipment will be available and set up on time.


Question 3 - "How early will you arrive to set up, and how long will it take?"

Knowing the DJ's arrival time and setup requirements can help ensure a smooth and timely setup process.


Question 4 - "Do you have experience in handling announcements or emceeing events?"

If you plan on making any announcements or having the DJ emcee parts of the party, it's important to ensure that they are comfortable and experienced with this role.


Question 5 - "What is your fee and what is included in the price?"

This is important to clarify upfront to avoid any surprises or misunderstandings about the cost and services provided. Also, ask if they require a deposit and when they expect payment.


Bonus Question - "Can we stay in touch before the event in case anything changes?"

Open lines of communication are key because things can change, and your DJ - like the one who wrote this guide - should be able to reasonably accommodate changes, such as a new schedule for the event or additional song requests.

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